Tips on Buying a Couch Cover

Is your trusty old couch looking shabby and tired? Just because your budget won’t stretch to a new couch, doesn’t mean that you can’t have it looking like new again. Replacement couch covers can transform that old but reliable couch of yours and make it look great. There are countless styles of covers available, so take your time choosing the right one. Considerations when buying a couch cover should include ensuring that it blends with your house décor, is the right size and construction for the kind of couch you own, as well as being made of appropriate fabric while also matching your available budget. Choose the wrong covers and you could spend a long time sitting on something you regret!

The first thing to do is to measure your couch for the correct cover size. Make a note of the right height, length and width of your sofa to each of the farthest points. Remember to allow for some extra room in case the cover is required to be tucked in properly for a neat fit.

Decide on the style of the couch cover you prefer – flat or fitted. Flat covers are usually cheaper and are simply draped over the couch and tucked in – a bit like a sheet. The problem is, they come loose easily and need to be tucked back in again quite often to keep them looking neat and feeling comfortable. Discretely placed upholstery staples can help keep flat covers in place. Fitted covers are both smarter and more expensive – they usually have pockets intended for the arms of the couch and separate covers for the main body of the couch and the cushions. Fitted covers may be zipped or tied at the back so they can be removed for washing. With fitted covers it is important to choose a style similar to your existing couch shape – if the covers have square arms and your couch is round it’s going to look terrible.

The fabric of the couch cover should be durable and practical to care for. Many covers are made from machine-washable fabric but some may be dry clean only. If you have a household with children and pets then it may be both wise and economical to choose covers that you can wash at home as often as required.

The style of the couch cover in terms of its texture, color and pattern depends on your personal taste and the decor of the room. The good thing about changing your couch covers is that it’s an opportunity to give a new lease of life to your room design without the expense of making over the whole space. Take a look at home interiors magazines for ideas, but don’t get carried away by the latest wacky home fashion trends. Neon brights may be flavor of the month, but not for long! Stick with a classic style and color of couch cover that can be easily accessorised to follow trends if you choose.

When buying a couch cover, choose a budget and stick to it. If money is tight, look for discounted covers from retailers selling pieces that have been laid away and then discontinued, or maybe covers that have been returned to the store due to a few minor defects.

Remember these considerations when buying a couch cover and don’t get carried away. It’s an important purchase and one that you want to be happy with for a long time in the future.

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